“The Kloosterkerk (or Cloister Church) is a church on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, Netherlands. The church and its accompanying monastery were first built in 1397. The church is known today as the church where Beatrix of the Netherlands occasionally attends services.” (Wikipedia) (


“For the success of a meeting or workshop is the atmosphere crucial. In the center of The Hague 7AM ensures compliance with all conditions in a casual way. The welcoming, personal approach by every employee. The service quickly, and cut to size. Our own chef cook with his acclaimed catering. Modern technology that simply works.

The unique place in The Hague Buitenhof, with its historic grandeur, a stone’s throw from the political power, and every shop nearby. Such a meeting- and conference center makes a conferencing experience.” (

New Babylon Meeting Centre

“New Babylon is an international hub, comfortably situated between the main park of The Hague and The Hague Central Station. Perfectly accessible whether you arrive by car, public transport or bike.” (


“ProDemos is the ‘House for Democracy and the Rule of Law’. [Their] job is to help explain the systems that govern democracy and the rule of law, and to show what citizens themselves can do to exert political influence – at municipal, provincial, national and European level.” (