Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council (also known as HRC) is an inter-governmental body within the UN system. It is composed of 47 members elected to 3 year terms. The HRC is tasked not only with promoting the implementation of human rights around the world, but is also responsible for overseeing their implementation and providing recommendations to member states.

In MUNOTH 2019, the HRC will be a committee mainly reserved for beginners and will include around 30 delegates.

Would you like to be part of the HRC in MUNOTH 2019? Apply via MyMun before the 29rd of March 2019!

  • Reform of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of the Statelessness

  • The right to peace and the situation of human rights in Venezuela

    The discussion of the topics this Human Rights Council will be convened to address: Statelessnessand the right to peace. In the aftermath of the 70th anniversary of the  proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2018, our current reality compels us all to reflect and determine whether we have managed to ensure the full realization of these rights. Unfortunately, despite the development of international law and advancements in other fields, there continues to exist a significant amount of people worldwide that has been deprived or does not count with a legally recognized nationality, irreversibly affecting their right to enjoy all the rights inherent to our essence as human beings. An urgent question the Council shall consider in the best interest of the people nowadays affected by this phenomenon, especially if human rights are at stake due to this peculiar personal status, therefore, a discussion on the reform of existing international instruments on statelessness will take place. On the other hand, with the worsening of humanitarian crises worldwide, the failure of the international community to react to life and peace threatening scenarios as well as the systematic violation of human rights occurring in certain countries around the world, this Council faces a greater chance to uphold a recently recognized right that consists of enjoying peace. A right to be put under our assessment considering the situation on Venezuela. The continuous reports of scarcity, hunger, criminality, repression and social and political instability shall be immediately addressed by this Council in a clear attempt to prove the applicability of a human right that cannot be neither dismissed nor excluded.



  • Diego Sanchez

    “Dear Delegates,
    It is my distinguished pleasure to serve you as your Co-Director for this UNHRC at MUNOTH 2019! My name is Diego Sánchez, and I am currently a second-year Law and International and European Law student at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona.

    It is undeniable the impact it produces to be part of an experience that encompasses a range of abilities from speaking to research, notably when it proves useful to get involved in world issues. A world I got into since the very first moment I began as a delegate, and nowadays calls for my dedication to encourage many to stand for the resolution of the crises whipping our societies.

    In addition, it has also been outstanding to realize the cultural diversity you have the chance to interact with, demonstrating how we enrich through our differences and expand our own vision and knowledge about the world. A path I could not have managed to discover without the extraordinary friends I met in every Conference I took part in. As a result, I encourage you all to accept this splendid, unique and meaningful experience MUN offers to whom are willing to learn, enjoy and engage on the solution-making through teamwork and passion.

    Finally, I envision this committee to be proactive, mindful of the difference existing evidence and attained to its mandate for the sake of contributing to the respect and promotion of human rights to everyone without any distinction. Besides, I expect nothing more from you delegates than your engagement, commitment and responsibility to make this committee the best possible learning experience for you all. For this reason, please feel free to reach either Ines or me to solve any doubt or question you may have whether about the committee or the topics to be discussed.

    Looking forward to meeting you all in The Hague!

    Kind Regards,

    Diego Sánchez”

  • Inés Jiménez

    “Welcome to MUNOTH 2019! I am a Spanish-Cuban 20 year old girl fascinated by how justice works in different societies and the universality of human rights. Brainwashed deep into MUN for the past 4 years, attending to Conferences in Barcelona, Cambridge and The Hague.

    I study at Leiden University College The Hague and I am currently trying to figure out whether law changes society or the other way around (what came first the egg or the chicken?) When i am not thinking about this dilemma, I love spending time surrounding myself with paint, brushes, canvases and artists.”

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