Welcome to MUNOTH 2018

The theme of MUNOTH 2018 is ‘Global Repercussions: The Key Role of Environmental Security.’ Over the past three decades, developments of environmental affairs have sparked the need for political and governmental action. More and more often we hear about the devastation of the world’s most important common good; the environment. Increasing demands for food, water, infrastructure and energy continue to take a toll on the limits of nature. In part, this theme has been prompted by a number of both political, as well as environmental, events that we have witnessed in 2017. Water scarcity and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, tourism industry opportunity losses, and environmental migrants are just a handful of the repercussions that the degradation of our planet has accounted for. Never before have we lived in a political, as well as natural, climate as uncertain as we face today.

In the committees that are available at MUNOTH 2018, several divisive issues will be presented to the delegates. Working together in a collaborative element on a topic that is indisputably important to all of us will surely present a solid foundation for addressing this issue, however the challenge arises with agreeing upon a method as to how a solution may be approached. We look forward to seeing the vision for a future of economic and political stability in a world of ecological turmoil that you as our delegates will create upon joining MUNOTH 2018!

~Your 2018 Model United Nations of the Hague Secretariat