European Council

The European Council is the meeting of Heads of State or Government of the European Union. The role of the European Council is to provide the political direction of the Union in general matters and therefore it does not implement legislation but just directives, which are usually approved by consensus, meaning that each member state has the power to veto a decision.

In MUNOTH 2019, the European Council will be an intermediate committee and will include 27 delegations, one for each member state.

Would you like to be part of the European Council in MUNOTH 2019? Apply via MyMun before the 29rd of March 2019!


  • Revisiting the Copenhagen and EU Accession Criteria
  • Increasing the Democratic Input in EU Decision-making


  • Felix Dejaiffe 

    “Hi, my name is Felix Dejaiffe. I’m a student from the Catholic University of Louvain La Neuve in Belgium from which I hold a bachelor’s in political science. I’m currently working my way through a master’s in international Relations and Diplomacy. Having lived in Spain, Italy, and Belgium while practicing MUN since secondary school years, I’m a passionate multicultural researcher in International relations, especially regarding European and Asian foreign affairs.Working as a Teacher/Coach for the LouvainMUN Association, I’m excited to work as a Co-Chair for the MUNOTH 2019 EU Council Committee, where I expect to meet great people and share a unique opportunity to discuss and debate about crucial European affairs.

    As a student who grew up in a multicultural environment, I believe in the values of the UN Charter, furthermore, considering that MUN conferences can provide an enriching experience to the youth in order to become dedicated world citizens. In my opinion, MUN is not only about educating our minds but also our hearts and our souls, as citizens who believe that our differences are our wealth and what unites us.”

  • Anna Lisa Schäfer-Gehrau 

    “Anna Lisa Schäfer-Gehrau is a German, American student of European Law at Maastricht University. Through her studies she has obtained a strong interest in the functioning of the European Union. She appreciates the intricacies of the arguments which can be brought in a simulation of the European Council, as they are not limited to one specific area of interest. She is greatly looking forward to the wonderful opportunity of chairing the European Council at this year’s MUN of the Hague conference.”

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