Deputy Secretary-General

Welcome to MUNOTH 2019! I am a second year student at Leiden University College and will be graduating next year with a BA in International Justice. This is my second consecutive year on the MUNOTH Secretariat, and I am very excited to work as Deputy Secretary General this year. For MUNOTH 2018, I was USG for Administration. As Deputy Secretary General, I am in charge of, along with the Secretary General, overseeing all of the work done by our USG’s. One of my main tasks is making sure everyone is keeping up with the work and that the Secretariat runs smoothly, I facilitate the communication between our USG’s and the SG. I am also responsible for our Advisory Board. Given that my main area of study is in International law, I am especially excited that MUNOTH has an ICJ committee and is able to incorporate that into the more political nature of MUN’s. I am eager to put on this conference and I hope to see you this coming April!


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Deputy Secretary-General – Clara Gasso