Joint Cabinet Crisis

Joint Cabinet Crisis has a very special status in Model United Nations. Unlike other Committees that have delegates representing countries and debating a certain subject, Crisis is about taking on the role of a specific character in history and paving their way through a moment in time, either following history or changing it forever… Joint Cabinet Crisis usually has two Cabinets – comprising of a certain number of delegates that are ‘on the same side’ to begin with. The Crisis occurs in real time, with delegates having to write directives in order to simulate their actions in the world of the crisis. Their position is not fixed and can change depending on how the Crisis develops.

For MUNOTH, we are happy to announce that the JCC will be about modern-day tensions on the Korean Peninsula, with the specific time period of the infamous September 2017 North Korean Missile Tests over Japan. The two Cabinets will be North and South Korea and delegates will have to weave their way through the intensity of a peninsula still mired in a decades-old conflict with region and international repercussions.


  • The North Korean nuclear crisis:
    The conflict in the Korean Peninsula remains one of the few lingering legacies of the Cold War in the 21st century. The final resolution of the Korean War has remained a pressing issue for the region and has warranted international involvement in many different occasions. The 2017 August Missile Crisis was, in most recent memory, the height in tensions on the peninsula – unaided by the actions of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un and the tweets of one President Donald Trump. The Crisis Simulation will give delegates the opportunity to embody key actors in the Korean Peninsula and potentially change history for the better or worse…


  • Martin Galland

Martin is a third-year French student currently in his last year of a BA in International Studies in the Hague. MUNOTH 2019 will be his 13th MUN conference, 8th Crisis simulation but first time Directing. As one can probably very easily tell, Martin loves Crisis and is excited to be the Crisis Director for this year’s crisis on the Korean Peninsula 2017 Missile Crisis. Amongst his many and varied hobbies – he includes the sport of drinking wine and haunting the streets of the Hague for cheese and bread.

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