Committee Day 1:

The four committees had a productive and fruitful first session.

The ICJ convened yesterday to discuss the case Bolivia v. Chile. After spending the first couple of hours gauging everyone’s position, things heated up when the ad hoc judge for Bolivia accused the Court of not having “cojones”. After much deliberation, the Court now knows what specific topics they must focus on for the next two days in order to get a concise and effective ruling.

ECOSOC hosted a very heated debate on the issue of sustainable energy in developing countries. The first divisive issue was that of nuclear energy and whether or not use of said energy is feasible. The delegates of central African countries were, and still remain, very concerned with the issue of funding while others remain uninterested. However, even over the differences in priority, cooperative atmosphere prevails.

The Security Council has agreed on the first 4 clauses of their working paper. They are now working on an agreement on how the voting procedures for nomination of Security Council Member should work. The disagreements lie mainly in how these procedural clarifications will continue.
After much conversation to set the agenda to evaluating the capacity to limit environmental security risks, a heated debate rose in NATO concerning the importance of private industry growth at the cost of environmental detriments. The US, as well as occasionally the Netherlands, saw themselves under fire from Turkey, France, and Germany no matter how much they claimed to be “the best” country leading the global community into an eco-aware future. The session ended with an interesting discussion with a NATO official about the same topic as well the dynamics of NATO organization– if a mock NATO with only 9 representatives found themselves in so much disagreement, one asked, how on earth does the real NATO do it? The answer referred to a lot of patience and a lot of gridlock.

After the first day of committee, delegates were invited to Park Hotel for a lovely Diplomat’s Soirée amongst different representatives including Fernando Fernandez Aguayo (Spanish Counselor to The Netherlands), Vsevolod Chentsov (Ukrainian Ambassador to The Netherlands), Jalal Mirzayev (Charge d’affaires at Azerbaijan Embassy to The Netherlands), Farah Karimi (Chairwoman and General Manager of Oxfam Novib), Roula El Derbas (Chef de Cabinet of the Defence Office, Special Tribunal for Lebanon), Eric Povel (NATO Public Division of Diplomacy), Malik Azhar Ellahi
(Senior Visiting Fellow of the Clingendael Institute, Alternate Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the OPCW), Farhan Al Farhan (Political Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia), and Philippe Couvreur (Registrar of the ICJ).
The evening full of smiles, discussion, and reflection came to a close as delegates shuffled home in preparation for a full day of committee sessions to come.




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