Welcome to MUNOTH 2017

The theme of MUNOTH 2017 is ‘Bridging the Gap: Reaching Compromise in a Polarized Political Landscape.’ In part, this theme has been prompted by a number of political events of global concern that we have witnessed in 2016: the United Kingdom chose to withdraw from the European Union; a peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas was rejected; Donald Trump was elected to the presidency of the United States; and several countries including Russia and South Africa are relinquishing their membership to the International Criminal Court. These events have shown that the political playing field is shifting. All across the world, political decision-making is increasingly seen as a game of the elite where the voice of the majority is unheard. As a result, the faith people have in the political establishment and international institutions is dwindling. Voters favor politicians who promise sweeping changes over those who vow to maintain the status quo.

In the committees that are available at MUNOTH 2017, several divisive issues will be presented to the delegates. Bridging the gap and compromising in order to find a unified position on such an issue will be a challenge, however not insurmountable. Hopefully the debate will show that listening to one another will always prove to be more effective and talking louder, and that compromise will always triumph over the resort to radical action.